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Vessel Gallery

Vessels are my favorites. As a glass collector myself, I am always comparing my abilities and work to the various vessels made throughout history, and trying to find my own voice in that giant chorus. I hope someday I can find a niche as a worthy contributor.

I create my vessels in 2 forms, the one you see to the right is made on a mandrel, with a 'vial' sized interior. These are free formed and organically shaped. I make them in both free standing and rounded bases for hanging from pendants and dangles.

my thistle shapeThe other type is my specialty, to the left, a blown 'thistle' shape. It is one of my favorite and most comforting shapes. This is a form that is oft repeated throughout nature.

On land, you see it in a dandelion thistle, a pineapple, an orange, many kinds of seedpods, a human womb. In the sea, you see it in the form of anemones and sea urchins. I love this shape, and I love looking at it and making them. They are also the perfect vessels for your finer oils and perfumes.

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Sculpture Gallery

I love natural forms of every type. From simple to complex shapes, nature fascinates with variety and colors in places you don't necessarily look. While no one can fully imitate nature, to try to capture a moment, a movement, an action in sculpture is something I continue to strive to acomplish.

There are so many fantastical ideas, it's hard for me to duplicate anything I've already made, because the next interesting idea/shape is still waiting to be made.

Jewelry Gallery

Ahh Jewelry! I don't focus on jewelry, but I love making pieces I'd wear to appeal to the inner gypsy...

My favorite metal is copper, there's just something so beautiful and warm about the color, and when it ages, the green patina has always made me feel in touch with history. Most of my pieces are of copper or other unusual metals and metallic forms I can find. Currently, I'm experimenting with wire mesh, the photos are coming soon!

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Marble Gallery

Marbles are a favorite for me. I took a class with John Kobuki, who is a marvel with orchid marbles, and an acknowledged master of the art.

I am trying to go my own directions by making bouquet marbles, entire groups of different flowers contained in a small space. Most of my marbles are very small, from .8" to 1.25", so the detail you see in them are often minute from the photo enlargements.

Other Gallery

This is the category of glass that doesn't fit in the above. Cabochons, experiments, odd functional pieces, and loose focal beads that have not been made into pieces.

The odds and ends and experiments I have tried, such as the recycled glass container you see to the right. Let me know what you think:).

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