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I just saw the link from Bead and Button for my Entry Skipping Stones from the Bead Dreams 2009 competition. Neat!!
See: Bead & Button Magazine Entry

Dec 2009 - The Flow Magazine published my article in the Winter Issue (Women in Glass 2009). They also put it online in the Articles section of their website at: The Flow Magazine

October 2009 - Attended the ISGB Gathering in Miami this year... what a BLAST!!! Right afterwards took a private 3 person class with Robert Mickelsen-what a world class talented glassmaker he is!!
Photos on my Facebook of both, email me for a link if you want to see.

July 2009 - WHOOOT!! I won Ed Hoy's Glass Challenge!! Ed Hoy's one of the largest glass suppliers in the US, and my prize was $250 worth of glass/supplies! That beats a trophy anyday!
See the contest at:
See: My winning piece

July 2009 - My pieces, "Skipping Stones" was included in the 2009 Bead and Button Exhibit in Milwaukee, Wi. as a top 10 finalist for the Bead Dreams 2009 Competition. They will be posting the 2009 Bead Dreams Gallery in August 2009.
Here is the Show info at Bead and Button Magazine

July 2-12, 2009
Thanks so much to Sara Sally LeGrande (2nd place winner) for taking my exhibit photo since I couldn't attend!! Click to see Sara's photo of my entry.

June 2009 - I designed my first postcard for the 2009 ISGB Miami Gathering Postcard Project, and also designed the Florida Glass Dragon's Postcard as well.
See: My Postcard
See: FGD Postcard
(I am the website Administrator for the Florida Glass Dragons at: www.floridaglassdragons.com

May 2009 - The Annealer Magazine Contest - 2 of my pieces were selected to be in the top 10 finalists for the Annealer Magazine Contest (in different categories). I'm busy working on tutorials now for those 2 pieces, which will appear in an upcoming issue!!

Glass Olympics Challenge
- I won first place in the Silver Category!! This is Mary Lockwood's website (see link above). YAY! I get a gift certificate from Arrow Springs (I can always use more glass/tools!!).

April 2009 - Bead and Button's 2009 Bead Dreams Contest!!
I am THRILLED!! I have been notified by letter that I was juried into this year's exhibit! This is such an honor!!
I'm not sure if that means I already made it into the top 10, or there's another judging, but my pieces have been shipped to Bead and Button Magazine as they requested, and will be exhibited at the 2009 Bead and Button Show!!

Mar 2009 - Jan/Feb Glass Challenge
YAY! I won 2nd place in the Hobbyist Category of the!! Karen Leonardo was the sponsor, and I won some of her WONDERFUL tools!!

ValCox Frit - selected me to be one of the frit testers for her 104 COE frit. While I'm mostly a boro worker, Valerie wanted to see what a boro person would do with soft glass frit. I will post the results!

Feb 2009 -www.isgb.org
This year, for the Miami Gathering, the ISGB is starting a new bead release program with " Golden Tickets" - free entries for the Bead Bazaar that is held on Sunday!
I will be the bead coordinator this year for this ISGB program. If you have not gotten your ISGB Registration Booklet yet, it is available online at:
ISGB Booklet - click to see the Bead Release info, the Release a Bead program is explained on page 4. I hope you all participate to make this the best ISGB Gathering of all!

Feb 2009 - Burning Brass Tools is working with me to develop a custom brass marver to my specs. I have already tested some prototypes (FANTASTIC). These guys are among the most detail oriented engineers/designers in this business! They should be selling the marvers on their website in May!!

Jan 2009 - Click Here
My marble is the main Dec photo for the 2009 LE Calendar by Marjorie Oxman, and available for sale at lulu.com
I wouldn't have re-used this piece if I had known ahead of time it would win the Dec Glass Challenge. This is so awsome!! I admire the other artists in the calendar, it's nice to be there too!!

Nov/Dec Glass Challenge
Wow! YIPPEE!!! I just found out I won First Place!! The sponsor for this challenge was Burning Brass...what an incredible bunch of high quality tools they have!! I have drooled over them for some time with no $$, and now I can get some with my winnings! YAY!!!!! Thanks a bunch Burning Brass!!!

A brand new year, so I updated the site today with new pictures and links. Lets hope this year is better than 2008 for everyone!!

Dec 08- The Flow Magazine's 2008 Women in Glass Issue (Dec '08). One of my pieces is in this issue!!
If you have the issue, take a look!! They used a huge photo of my headless mermaid in the center of page 11! ( you can also see it on my sculpture page).

Christmas Parties!!!
Here's the Florida Glass Dragon's (Orlando) and Barbara Svetlick (Ft Lauderdale) Christmas Parties I attended. I created a page for them here (this page is also linked from the Florida Glass Dragon's Website - I am the website administrator for our club)

Helen's Glassy Christmas Parties Page!!

At the parties, Ron Bearer Jr, Ray Olsen, Candice King, Pam Dugger, Lewis Wilson did demo's. And at night, Lewis Wilson did a fire-eating demo at Barbara's house too! It was amazing! At Barbara's Party, my camera ran out of battery, so got no pix of Lewis Wilson's fire eating.... so I put the Video we shot up on YouTube: Click Here

The Perfume Launch (Peaches Bottles) were delayed due to the horrific economy:(. It should be launched now at the end of 2009.

September 08 - YAY!!! I was one of the Winners of Glass Alchemy's Glass contest!!

Glass Alchemy Winners Page
GA is one of the top makers of Borosilicate glass in the World, so this was sooo thrilling! I won Revolution 33 glass! WHOOOT!!
Here's the link to their site:

- Update: drats, GA took the page down. But it's still up at Glass Challenge:

Glass Challenge Gallery

August 08 - I got my first commission order for 10 custom perfume bottles! This order is for a perfumer in Ireland, who is planning a launch of her new scent next year. Will update when the launch info is released!


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